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If you can’t find the answer to your question on this page please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Send an email to or call/WhatsApp us at +31702211244.


You register by emailing and receive the latest updates on availability according to your personal criteria. You will be required to complete a standard application form to confirm your eligibility for the property.

We state the availability date for each apartment. However, due to our “first come, first serve basis” and the administrative procedures for eligibility, some apartments may cease to be available at the time of your request. We do our best to update all the information on our website in the quickest manner possible.

Although the rental price includes standard utility bills, it does not include the mandatory annual taxes on utilities (maintenance, sewage) for each resident of the Netherlands.

For general waste, you will find many metal rubbish collection points on most streets. For bottles and plastics, visit your local Albert Heijn supermarket or check for the policy in your area.

If the changes relate to your residence details, you must contact your municipality (gemeente). For simple changes to help us contact you, email us directly.

Smoking is not permitted inside the building except in apartments with terraces and balconies.

Be aware that cooking that produces offensive odours is not permitted in the building as this interferes with the comfort of other residents. Please be sure to use extraction fans located above the cooking hob at all times.

Any physical changes to the apartment must be approved by the owner of the building in written form. Please write to us should you wish to do so.

Our dedicated team is always happy to provide local tips and help you to settle in to your new home.You may also visit the official website for the Hague

Sightseeing in The Hague

Our service team can inform you where you can go for tourist information. Our helpful staff can also give you advice and directions for sightseeing, and help you select restaurants and other suggestions. The Hague Festivals offers information about planned festivals in The Hague. Look at