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Posted by Tim on 01/05/2023

This spring, are you going to visit the Netherlands? Then there is Keukenhof, a Dutch tourist destination that is presumably on your bucket list. Unquestionably one of the most well-known and distinctive attractions in the Netherlands, the Keukenhof tulip gardens draw hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the globe each year.

Concerning the Keukenhof Gardens Keukenhof, which in English literally translates as “kitchen garden,” wasn’t always such a popular destination. The park began as a fairly unassuming kitchen garden on the grounds of a castle, but it now receives over 1 million visitors each season.

The development of Keukenhof Holland
The hunting grounds and castle kitchen, which is also how the park acquired its name, were once part of Teylingen Castle, which is where Keukenhof is now. The 13th century saw the construction of Teylingen Castle.
Adriaen Maertensz Block, the director of the Dutch East India Company at the time, bought the estate in 1641. On the property, Block erected a manor home. He gave the estate the name Keukenhof at the time; today, it is known as Castle Keukenhof. (Kasteel Keukenhof). The Keukenhof gardens are southwest of where the palace is situated.

Presently, Keukenhof is spread out over 32 hectares and contains about 7 million blooms, including the famous tulips as well as everything from daffodils to roses. If you’re in the Netherlands, you don’t necessarily need to visit Keukenhof to see some gorgeous flowers, but going there gives you the opportunity to magically experience a sea of expertly cultivated blooms.

Every autumn, a group of 40 gardeners labor to plant the 7 million bulbs that more than 100 growers have given to the park. Unsurprisingly, it takes a lot of work to grow the gardens during the season, which runs from October to the beginning of December. The planters employ a variety of strategies to keep the gardens in bloom for the entire time Keukenhof is open. There are a few different gardens at Keukenhof, each centered on a different subject. Examples include the Topical Beach Garden, which features palm trees, sand, and hammocks to simulate a tropical setting, and the Green Tea Garden, which has a wide variety of herbs and culinary plants.

While Keukenhof is accessible year-round for private gatherings and celebrations, it is only accessible to the general public for a brief eight-week window in the spring, usually from mid-March to mid-May. The Keukenhof Gardens are accessible from March 23 to May 14 in 2023. The best time to explore the garden depends on the weather in the Netherlands, but in general, April is the busiest month for visitors.

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