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Property Owners

Leave your real estate portfolio in good hands

Four Star Apartments takes care of your properties and your tenants with love and dedication. We understand that you are looking for the right party for care and management so that you retain a satisfied tenant and do not have to worry about it as much as possible. After all, a pleasant relationship with the tenant means good contact about maintenance of the home and the correct financial settlement.

This is what we can do for you

As a manager, we are the link between you as the owner and the tenant. We are the point of contact so that you are burdened as little as possible. Depending on your needs, we can take over one or more of the following matters from you.

Technical management

Technical management is the term used for all maintenance aspects of the property and acting as the point of contact for tenants.

For example, if there is a leak, it is important for the tenant that he can call someone about this to discuss possible follow-up steps. The property manager can then ensure that a plumber is sent, for example. Here too, the owner generally does not want to be involved in this and a manager is called in to arrange these matters and take away these concerns.

Financial management

Financial management: also known as administrative management, consists of all financial transactions involved in managing real estate. Examples are collecting rents, indexing rents, settling service costs, financial annual statements and sending reminders. As an owner, you would rather not have to deal with this kind of task, especially if you own multiple units. This is generally not the core business of a property owner and is therefore often outsourced to a property management office.

Commercial management

Commercial management includes the tasks that fall under the rental of the property. You can think of determining the correct rent, placing advertisements, screening tenants and supervising compliance with the lease. Again, this is a part of property management that would cost a lot of time and energy if the owner were to do this himself. A management company also often has a good network to quickly find tenants.

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Do you want to rent out your property and generate income from it? Let us rent out and manage your property so that you can enjoy a good return on your real estate investment without any worries! Please contact us to discuss the possibilities! Call or email for a free valuation and customized advice! In a personal conversation we would like to hear from you what your wishes and expectations are. We can then advice you what we can do for you and what the costs are.

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